Privacy and Security

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is used exclusively for your personal shopping experience. Lifelong Buds does not release personal information to any outside source, entity, or agency without a court ordered mandate. Lifelong Buds does not sell, rent, or lease personal information for the purposes of mailing lists nor do we generate mailing lists for any external purpose.


The security of your financial information is our life blood and extremely important to us. Therefore, Lifelong Buds offers only one method for debit/credit card transactions. For your protection, we maintain a current and valid SSL certificate and use SSL encryption in all communications.  Lifelong Buds does not save or store your debit/credit card information, it is used exclusively for and during order processing.

Lifelong Buds offers you the ability to maintain a personal account which includes a preferred method of payment. We highly recommend that you DO NOT store financial information in your Lifelong Buds account or on our website. Banks, governments, even Facebook have been hacked and we cannot guarantee that the same will not happen to us. Please help us protect your financial security, DO NOT save debit or credit card information in your Lifelong Buds account.

Lifelong Buds assumes no financial or legal responsibility for the theft of financial data, other than that required by law.  Please keep your financial information private.

Credit Card Statements

All debit/credit card statements will reflect the seller as

Lifelong Buds