Honey Tree – 11″ Straight Bong w/Honeycomb & Tree Percs

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A short stem, thick glass and solid connections eliminate the need for a down stem cross-brace, making this bong very easy to hold.  The bottom chamber acts as an ash catcher with the honeycomb perc adding another layer of protection to prevent water and ash from entering the 4-branch tree perc.  The splash guard and ice catcher keep water out of the mouth and the oversized tree stems make this bong easier to clean, reducing maintenance time.  Can be used with dry herb or concentrates, consider adding a banger.

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All items are handmade creating a slight variation between each.

Height: approx. 11 1/4 inches

Base: approx. 3 1/4 inches

Width: approx. 2 inches

Neck width: approx. 1 1/2 inches

Neck Height: approx. 5 inches

Percs: one honeycomb, one 4-branch tree

Ice Catcher: Yes

Splash Guard: Yes

Joints: 14mm

Weight: approx. 1 lb. (16 oz.)

Includes: one 14mm standard glass bowl bowl


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